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Our team strives to provide our customers with an excellent experience, from our product selection and expertise, to our expertise, service, and delivery crew.

Leon’s Peterborough is a local, family-owned store with a big brand name. As a franchise we leverage the supply chain of the corporate Leon’s brand while specially selecting off-core products and suppliers for our local community. We love to provide our customers with an excellent shopping and service experience that is back by over 60 years of industry experience. In fact, our Product Experts are eager to showcase the amazing features and benefits of our products and all of our custom order options.

Our range of in-stock, custom order and designer furniture, appliances, mattresses, electronics and accessories is unmatched in the region. In fact, our customers are always commenting on our product selection with statements like, “We don’t see all this product in other Leon’s stores!”, and “Wow! You can get this chair I saw online, and I still get to shop local?”.