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Ugly Sofa Contest

Remember that sofa Grandma and Grandpa use to have back in the Eighties/Nineties? The one with the hilarious pattern (probably floral), possibly covered in plastic, that just about made you cringe? The one that probably should have stayed in the Sixties/Seventies? Yeah, that one.

We’ve all experienced at least one of these relics, but what are the chances that YOU actually own one?! Chances are it’s probably hidden somewhere in the basement—or at least we hope it is.

Between January 17th, 2017 and February 17th, 2017, Leon’s Peterborough hosted their very own Ugly Sofa Contest on Facebook to see the tackiest furniture that the Peterborough community had to offer.

The winners of the Ugly Sofa Contest are the Mazanek Family who won a free Canadian Made Sectional!


Congratulate them on our Facebook page!