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How to Buy Major Appliances

Big ticket purchases for your home, such as appliances should be viewed as investments and with the right information, you can be sure you have made the best choice for your needs.

When a washing machine is on your shopping list…

Look for a machine:

  1. That only heats the water, this feature saves on energy costs heating only the necessary water not the water tank.
  2. A speedy spin cycle, more water is extracted; less drying time will be required.
  3. Minimal water usage, some washers use large quantities of water, check the labels.
  4. An additional rinse cycle option; extra water during washing to help with stubborn stains or to help remove excess detergent

Purchasing a new refrigerator, Top freezers, Bottom freezers or Side – by – Sides…

Look for a machine:

  1. Just the right size, measured in cubic feet, this number can be misleading as it usually includes the freezer, shelves and bins. An 18-cubic-foot refrigerator is generally large enough for 2-4 people
  2. Space-expanding features are key to customizing to your needs. Look for movable door bins, as well as pullout shelves that offer easy access to goods located in the back of your fridge
  3. Easy-care materials; stainless steel may be sleek but shows streaks and fingerprints where faux stainless steel does not. Inside glass shelves are easier to clean and wipe down and look for shelves with lips along the edges to contain spills.
  4. Energy efficiency; bottom freezers use less energy than side by sides and top freezers less again. The most energy efficient refrigerators include the Energy Star label.

Dishwasher models vary greatly in capacity, special features and pricing, this luxury appliance, is a wonderful workhorse that uses less water than if you wash by hand, careful thought needs to be given to your purchase..

Look for a machine:

  1. With the correction number of place settings; the standard washers hold 12 5- piece place settings however if you entertain frequently you may need to consider a larger model which can hold more place settings and easily handle large pots, vases and cookie trays as well.
  2. Delay start options allow you to set the machine to start later, when your energy costs are lower and you have settled in for the night. Insulated machines are available if you are concerned about noise.
  3. A forced air mode, using a fan circulating forcing dry air down will help with those pesky plastic cups and bowls with concave bottoms or upturned wineglasses.
  4. Multiple cycles allow you to choose sanitizing cycles for baby bottles or gentle for your labeled specific glassware. Look for dishwashers with short cycle options to give you an option to run small loads.

Modern ranges do so much more than cook, they warm and self-clean too and no matter your kitchen arrangement, you can easily find a range to suit your needs. To hone in on your search you should consider several factors before beginning; cooking options, power source (gas, electric, dual fuel) and cooking style.

Look for a machine:

  1. With the right power source, do you have the proper hook-ups for the range you are considering, gas, electricity or both?
    1. Gas ranges have pilotless ignition making start up hassle-free; cook top burners heat up quickly and provide precise control, while sealed burners and upswept cook tops make cleanup simple. Interlocking grates allow you to easily slide cookware across the surface.
    2. Electric ranges come in coil and radiant heating configurations, deliver consistent oven heat, safety indicator lights to let you know the burners are on or off and glass ceramic cook tops both stylish and provide easy quick wipe down surfaces.
    3. Dual-Fuel ranges combines the qualities of a gas cook tops and electric ovens, sealed burners for easy clean up with simmer and high-output burners with pilotless ignitions, a higher initial investment than the gas or electric range options but a wonderful option if you wish to combine both features.
  2. Are you a frequent chef that requires advanced cooking features or are you more likely to warm up prepared entrees? There are several common features to look for; ovens with self-cleaning capabilities that take care of the dirty work, adjustable racks to accommodate a wide range of cookware, electric controls to set times, heating technology, temperature monitoring, warming area, variable –broil and safety features.