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First Home Buyer

It is exciting yet daunting when you discover you and your old furniture do not fit or meet the needs of your new home, budgeting and carefully making the right decisions with your purchases will ensure you are making the best investments, getting quality that counts and save in a way that will not affect your day – to – day life. Where do you start? Obtain the things you need to live in your house comfortably, items to build on, allowing you to continue to decorate over time.

  1. Buy a good quality bed that will last. Do not cheap out on your mattress. A beautiful headboard and footboard will not matter if you cannot get a good night’s rest.




  2. Purchase a dining room table and chairs that can be extended for entertaining company andgrowing families. Cushioned chairs can be used as additional furniture in your living room when entertaining and with slipcovers, you can easily “dress up” things up for any seasonal get together.




  3. Select a solid sofa. Not counting your bed, this will be your next most important piece of furniture in your home. You will want it to be comfortable, durable, upholstered in a pleasant fabric, neutral colours are best. Purchasing a fabric protection plan is always a good idea to protect new investment.