Decorating and Design

There are a couple different styles of microwaves. The first being your countertop style which simply just sits on the counter of your choice. Microwave stands can also be used with this style to help maximize counter space. The other style would be the over the range which would go above your range. These not […]

They both have their pros and cons. It really comes down to your cooking style and preferences. Gas ranges offer a more even stove heat for cooking as well as cook faster as the flame will heat not only the bottom of the pot/pan but the sides as well. Natural gas is inexpensive, abundantly available […]

With CRT tv now a thing of the past and high def tvs taking over, no longer is there a need for large entertainment units. Wall mounted tvs and entertainment units are becoming more and more common in the home. This design really opens up the rooms in which your tv(s) are located allowing for […]

With new audio and home theater systems, you can now bring that movie theater quality surround sound right to comfort of your own home with designs and sound quality constantly improving giving you better sound and less obvious location of your speakers. With the surround sound you will now feel like you are part of […]

First smart people, then smart phones, now smart everything? It is now possible with smart devices to access the Internet directly from your tv, no computer required. You can watch Netflix or browse the Internet right from your tv. Not only that, but you can even set up your smart phone or tablet to control […]

More common in movie theaters, 3D technology is still relatively newer technology in the home. With both tv and blu-ray player options. It is required to have both devices to have the 3D experience. With this being a relatively newer technology, it isn’t as common as high def but with 3D constantly getting better this […]