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Big ticket purchases for your home, such as appliances should be viewed as investments and with the right information, you can be sure you have made the best choice for your needs. When a washing machine is on your shopping list… Look for a machine: That only heats the water, this feature saves on energy […]

Over the past few years front load washers have been on the rise in homes across the country. People are making the switch to the front load wash over the top load wash as they allow for a larger load capacity. Both washers and dryers are now sleeker and brighter and are becoming less of […]

With refrigerator and freezer being built into your cabinetry you can streamline your kitchen and give it a more open look by helping maximize on your space. You can also get separate units, putting your refrigerator on one side of the room and the freezer on the other.

There are a couple different styles of microwaves. The first being your countertop style which simply just sits on the counter of your choice. Microwave stands can also be used with this style to help maximize counter space. The other style would be the over the range which would go above your range. These not […]

They both have their pros and cons. It really comes down to your cooking style and preferences. Gas ranges offer a more even stove heat for cooking as well as cook faster as the flame will heat not only the bottom of the pot/pan but the sides as well. Natural gas is inexpensive, abundantly available […]